Customer Testimonials

"I am new to digital photography and all of the challenges it brings. There is truly no fear when you use StudioCart. The customer service is above all I have ever experienced. Online proofing has simplified my business in ways I never could have imagined. I would recommend StudioCart to anyone in the business."

Jeannie O'Donnell
"TIME – the most valuable asset a professional photographer has. With my booming photography business I do not have time to organize online ordering of prints, canvases, and other customers' requests. StudioCart makes it so incredibly easy!"

"MONEY – anyone who owns a business knows how important each and every sale is. StudioCart is the best revenue generating product I have, with hardly any out of pocket expenses."

"PROFESSIONALISM – it’s YOUR website! Bride and Grooms won’t leave your site and go to ‘another’ site to ‘log-in.’ It looks and feels just like your site, with a kick!"

"Brian with StudioCart spent 3 hours on the phone with me when I registered to help get me started, and has promptly been available any time I had a question. Thank you, StudioCart for this amazing service, for such a low price. I’ll just take pictures and let StudioCart worry about the rest!"

A very satisfied customer,

Sara Kauss

"We are thrilled with what StudioCart has done for Sarah's business. Let me rephrase that we are thrilled what StudioCart has done for the rest of her life. The time involved in the back end of proof production and presentation has literally given her, her life back. Thanks we will be LONG time customers of StudioCart."


Jeff & Sarah Marentette

"I really enjoy the interface you have created in StudioCart. For once, I actually look forward to getting images online. You are appreciated!"

Dean Gurr
"Although my husband and I have been photographers for some 16 years we had absolutely no idea how to set up a website. We spent many hours and tons of money researching, taking classes (even on-line) and buying do-it-yourself manuals and CD's in an effort to just get some kind of website going. We quickly found that we still did not have a clue about how to set up and design my website."

"When I signed up with StudioCart Brian got back with me almost immediately and we scheduled the training session that is the most wonderful part of StudioCart. He sets aside about an hour to train the new users but he gave us more than two hours. He was patient and devoted. Because the lesson is interactive I could do everything myself while he looked on. By the end of the training I was empowered and felt full ownership of my site. Brian even talked me through designing and uploading our company logo. We are forever grateful for that. Within approx. 48 hrs. Rashid Parker Photography was in business."

Carolyn Parker
Rashid Parker Photography
"I'd considered having someone build a site for me. But I know now there's no way I ever could have afforded to have all of the features on my site that StudioCart does. I can tap the database and send direct marketing e-mails to customers, and pull all of the sales data I'll need come tax time with a few mouse clicks. Top that off with the fact that the site is easy to use for both myself and my customers, and it makes service a great deal."

Eric Fowler